Thursday, June 11, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile 6/5/15

Jake (9½), Alyssa (7), Zac (5½), Tyler (3), Nicholas (5 months)

Happy . . . Thursday? Yeah, I'm a bit late in posting. But it's a long list, so that makes up for it, right? We went away with my parents for the weekend and had a lot of fun. Then, later in the week, we celebrated Jake's 9-and-a-half birthday. So many reasons to Smile!

1. Tyler: "I want to play wif my Duplos."
Me: "You have to pick up your train tracks first. There's not even room in the living room."
Me: "Tyler, I told you to pick up your trains before you dumped out the Duplos."
Tyler: "It's ok; I dumped them in the hallway."

2. Tyler: "I want to slide down that mountain. It would be fun for me."

3. Tyler calling the street sweeper a sweep sweeper.


5. Jake, after I made the kids help me deep clean the boys' room and move the toys to our new playroom in the basement: "Thank you so much for making us do that. Sometimes when you make us do things we don't want to, we really appreciate it afterwards."

6. Jake, excited: "A raspberry and blackberry together is so good! It's like they were made for each other."

7. Tyler, because I had a clay mask on my face: "No, don't get it on me!"
Me, laughing: "I was just teasing. Don't make me laugh. The mask is drying, and I can't move my face."
Alyssa: "Don't worry; I'll laugh for you. Ahahaha!"

8. Zac, after my mom bought the kids a treat: "Mommy, do you want a Twinkie? It's a piece of cake that looks like bread. And it actually has the frosting inside of it!"

9. Jake: "Could you look for more books by Frances Hodgson Burnett, please?"
Me: "Sure. What did she write?"
Jake: "The Secret Garden--and it's really hard to stop reading it."

10. Tyler, eating a sandwich: "Mommy, F! F, f, f, ffffff! F!"

11. Jake, at the Tigers game with Leighton: "You mean they actually get paid to play baseball?"

12. Alyssa: "Can you make more granola today, please? All the different kinds of granola are gone, and if you don't make more, I'm going to have to eat {said with disgust} Cheerios."

13. Jake: "Mom! I just fell off my bike and slid across the sidewalk a few inches! It was awesome!"

14. Alyssa: "For some reason, every time Nick's up, I play with him.

15. Tyler, looking at digital numbers: "What number is this?"
Me: "65."
Tyler: "My goodness, I thought it was 62."

What made you Smile this week?

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