Friday, October 16, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile 10/9/15

Jake (9½), Alyssa (7½), Zac (5½), Tyler (3½), Nicholas (9 months)

Happy Friday! This week we picked apples at my brother's house, baked a bunch of zucchini treats, and created many craft projects. We made memories filled with many Smiles.

1. Zac: "Every day I blink."

2. Tyler, wearing isolation headphones, yelling: "Hey, Mama, can you hear me?"
Me: "Yes, I hear you."
Tyler: "No, you can't 'cause my ears are plugged!"

3. Zac, because I was dancing with Nicholas: "I like when you do that. You look pretty."


5. Tyler, because the leaves had fallen off the tree and landed on our van: "Someone decorated our car!"

6. Alyssa, painting her nails: "It would be so much easier if both my hands were right hands."

7. Tyler: "Ewe, Nicky touched me with his messy hands."
Me: "He's a baby; he doesn't know any better."
Tyler, to Nicholas, commanding: "Know any better."

8. Me, because Jake was watching me do laundry: "Can I help you with something?"
Jake: "Yeah, by letting me help you."

9. Tyler calling meatballs meat bulbs.

10. Zac cracked his first egg.

11. Me, sternly because he was in trouble: "Tyler, look at me."
Jake, looking: "Ooh, you look pretty."

12. Jake: "Can I have a brownie for breakfast? It's a zucchini brownie."

13. I walked out of the room. Jake followed a few seconds later.
Jake: "Mom? Mom?"
Me: "I'm in here. What do you need?"
Jake: "You."

What made you Smile this week?

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