Friday, February 26, 2016

Things That Make Me Smile 2/19/16

Jake (10), Alyssa (7½), Zac (6), Tyler (3½), Nicholas (1)

Happy Friday! We've had another great week. Have you? Share a Smile of your own from this week so we can Smile with you!

1. Tyler: "Nicky has brown eyes! When is he going to get blue ones?"

2. Zac: "How many fortune cookies are there?"
Tyler: "Four."
Alysa: "Yeah, because they're fourtune cookies."

3. Nicholas watching the big kids play outside.

4. Jake: "Can someone who's missing an arm become president (of the U.S.)?"
Me: "What do you think?"
Jake: "Yes. But how would he raise his right hand and place his left hand on a book for his oath?"

5. Jake, about Nicholas: "He's such a cutie. Can we keep him?"

6. Zac: "Stop looking at me! . . . Stop! . . . . I said stop looking at me!"
Tyler, looking through binoculars: "Zachy, I want to see you."
Zac: "Stop!"
Tyler: "Let me see you!"
Zac: "Stop looking at me! Stop!"
Tyler: "Hey! Let me see!"
Zac: "Mom! Tyler won't stop looking at me!"
Tyler: "Mom! Zac won't let me look at him!"


8. Me: "Zac, be careful, please. You can break your leg if you fall. You know that, right?"
Jake: "No, we don't know. We're boys." 

9. Jake, while making fresh juice: "Hey, let's toss a steak in there!"

10. The kids were playing a monster game. Zac ran across the house, yelling. Tyler chased after him, concerned. "Zachy, it's just me, Tyler."

What made you Smile this week?

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