Friday, March 11, 2016

Things That Make Me Smile 2/26/16

Jake (10), Alyssa (7½), Zac (6), Tyler (3½), Nicholas (1)

Happy Friday! Come, Smile with us.

1. Jake, concerned: "Mom, there's a lady next door looking through the garbage, probably because there are TVs out there."
Me: "Yeah,it's ok. People do that. They're called garbage pickers."
Jake, laughing: "What! That's a thing? . . . We should do it!"

2. Zac, licking the extra batter from the bowl of my birthday cake Leighton made: "I could fall in love with this stuff."

3. Alyssa: "Girls are smarter. Know how I know? A Berenstain Bears book."

4. Alyssa, impressed: "Every single year, the Earth has traveled around the sun."


6. Me: "Your dad is a stud."
Jake: "And I'm a 2x2. "

7. Tyler: "I love you."
Me: "And I love you."
Tyler: "Awesome."

8. Ty, about gummy worms: "Is 5 enough, Mom?"
Me: "That's too many."
Ty: "4?"
Me: "How about 3?"
Ty: "How about 4?"
Me: "I was originally thinking 2 . . . so 2 or 3?"
Ty: "Oh, yeah, 3."


10. Zac: "Today is the best day ever!"
Me: "It is?"
Zac: "Yeah, because I get to go to Gramma's! . . . Maybe it's not the best day ever, but it's still a really good day."

11. Jake, to Nicholas: "You're the cutest, you know that? So you're going to have to bear all our hugs and kisses. If we hug you so hard that your eyes pop out, I'm going to tell you, 'I told you so.' If we kiss you so much your cheeks turn red, I'm going to tell you, 'I told you so.' Just be ready for it." 

What made you Smile this week?

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