Sunday, April 10, 2016

Things That Make Me Smile 41/16

Jake (10), Alyssa (8), Zac (6), Tyler (4), Nicholas (1)

This week we celebrated Easter, experimented with Pepper's Ghost, and tried to stop Nicholas from getting into anything and everything. Lots of reasons to Smile!

1. Jake: "You're writing with a pencil and the tip snaps. You say, 'What's the use of this pencil? It's pointless.'"

2. Zac: "I'm glad Nicky was born. I'm glad he's my baby brother."

3. Zac, complaining: "Mom, I'm trying to play with Nick but everyone else keeps erupting!"
Jake: "You mean interrupting?"
Tyler: "And Zac keeps interrupping, too!"


5. I was rocking in the chair, feeding Nicholas. He stopped eating, got a huge smile, and said, "dada!" He had seen Leighton's picture on the dresser.

6. Tyler: "I like that God made the world."
Me: "Me too."
Ty: "I like that God made the world because he made Gramma. And he made Great-Gramma."

7. Jake, the day after Easter: "Thank you for everything you did yesterday. I really appreciate it."

8. Zac, looking for a winter glove: "I can't find the other one."
Me: "It could be downstairs."
Zac: "It could be anywhere! Anywhere except China."


10. Me: "I'm putting Nicky down for a nap now, so it's time to be quiet."
Tyler: "Yes, sir, Mom!"

What made you Smile this week?

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