Friday, April 15, 2016

Things That Make Me Smile 4/8/16

Jake (10), Alyssa (8), Zac (6), Tyler (4), Nicholas (1)

Happy Friday! This week was pretty typical--LEGO, reading, crafting, baking. Smiles.

1. Tyler, making up jokes: "Why did the grass eat the grass?"
Me: "Why?"
Tyler: "Because it was hungry!"

2. Hearing the older kids give commands like "Get thee hence!" and "Crucify him!" when their younger siblings are bothering them. 

3. Me: "Daddy lost his voice."
Alyssa, laughing: "Do you think he's dumb?"


5. Me, reading: "What did God help people to build so children could learn?"
Zac: "Houses!"

6. Tyler: "Where are we going?"
Me: "Church."
Tyler: "Aw, I just want to go to Gramma's. I like Gramma's."
Me: "I know you do."
Tyler: "I like Gramma!"

7. Tyler, after hearing me talk about someone he doesn't know: "What world is she from?"


9. Alyssa: "We should make a thing to show 3 ways how God is like Swiss cheese. (1) It's holey and God is holy."
Me: "(2) It's white and white means pure. God is pure."
Jake: "(3) It's delicious."
Alyssa: "God isn't delicious."
Zac: "'Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.'" (Psalm 34:8)

What made you Smile this week?

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