Thursday, August 4, 2016

Things That Make Me Smile 7/1/16

Jake (10½), Alyssa (8), Zac (6½), Tyler (4), Nicholas (1)

This week was filled with bike-riding, book-reading, science-experimenting, and Smiling. Lots of Smiling.

1. Jake: "Aw, it broke. Probably because it's old since you got it when you were a kid."
Me: *gasp*
Jake: "No! You're not old! It's just things that are that old that are old." 

2. Tyler: "Nicky, I like you."

3. Alyssa found a spider in the playroom in the basement. I asked Leighton to be her hero and go down to kill it. Jake told him to grab a cape first, but he wouldn't.
Me, teasing: "How are you going to be her hero without a cape?"
Leighton: "I'm being her daddy."

4. Watching Leighton play with all 5 kids.

5. Tyler: "I wish I was as big as you."
Me: "Why's that?"
Tyler: "So I can sleep on your bed with you all the time." 

6. Tyler: "Nicky is just two layers high." 

7. Alyssa, completing an online Bible lesson from Veritas Press: "You've never done foolish things. This said that even wise people do foolish things."
Me: "That's true. I've done plenty of foolish things."
Alyssa: "Really? I don't think you have."
Me: "Unfortunately, I have. Everyone sins and makes bad choices sometimes."
Alyssa: "Well, in all my 8 years of living, I've never thought anything you did was foolish."

8. Tyler: "Mom, I just learned something: Don't run into anything; you'll fall down."  

9. Nicholas stood at the door for the longest time, watching Leighton cut crown molding on the miter saw.

10. Leighton and I teach the elementary kids during Sunday morning church. They recently memorized and quoted Psalm 100 in the auditorium for the adults. 

11. Alyssa: "I want to do something that you told me not to do so I'm not going to do it."
Me: "Well, that's good."
Alyssa: "But I'm tempted!"

What made you Smile this week?

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