Friday, September 16, 2016

Things That Make Me Smile 8/12/16

Jake (10½), Alyssa (8), Zac (6½), Tyler (4), Nicholas (1½)

This week, the kiddos wrote songs for their music class, searched my brother's farm for buried treasures with a metal detector, and spent time with some out-of-town friends. 

1. Jake, sad: "Aw, a new jar of mayonnaise isn't as impressive as a new jar of peanut butter."
2. Tyler, looking at pictures from a few years ago: "That's the baby version of me." 

3. Tyler, watching the Olympic 50m freestyle: "I can swim faster than every people."
Me: "Really? Even though you don't know how to swim?"
Tyler: "Yep!"


5. Tyler calling hymnals "singing Bibles."

6. Tyler, after I held up a shirt for him to wear: "Yes! Aw, that is so cute."

7. Alyssa, eating: "Nicky wants a bite from Jake now."
Jake, playing off of Rock, Paper, Scissors: "Cuteness doesn't beat stomach."
Me: "Love should beat stomach though."
Jake: "Love isn't in this battle." 

8. Zac, after talking about the longest verse (Esther 8:9) and the shortest verse (John 11:35): "What's the mediumest verse in the Bible?"

9. Me, getting ready to go to the store by myself: "Are you guys going to be good?"
Jake: "Is that a rhetorical question?"

What made you Smile this week?

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