Thursday, June 8, 2017

K5 Learning Review

We have been taking advantage of our six month subscription to the online program from K5 Learning to in addition to our typical math and reading for school. These two subjects are vital for education, and even life in general, as so many things involve them. It's important for kids to have a strong foundation in these areas to help in the remainder of their schooling.

K5 Learning is a supplemental program for students in kindergarten through 5th grade that focuses on three areas of study: reading, math, and spelling. Sometimes kids need a little something more than just their regular studies to fully grasp the concepts they've been taught. The extra practice offered in the lessons can give them confidence while mastering the subjects through this award-winning, researched-based program.

K5 Reading is designed to teach kids to read well. It covers five key areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Students can take a free online reading assessment to ensure that the lessons are based according to skill level, instead of grade level. The interactive lessons, point and click interfaces, and spoken instructions make it easy for even young kids to use the program without a parent's help. All of the lessons begin with a tutorial covering new material, followed by practice sessions, and end with a quiz. An animated character guides the lessons and offers immediate feedback. The program contains over 1,500 tutorials and activities that are 5-10 minutes, in order to be flexible.

K5 Math aims to help students gain confidence in their math skills and master basic math concepts. It covers five key areas: numbers and operations, measurement, geometry, algebra, and data analysis. The lessons are similar to the Reading portion, as placement is done through an assessment test, the format is the same, and the interactive lessons are similar. This program offers over 1,200 lessons and activities that are also 5-10 minutes each.

K5 Spelling helps students improve their language skills with both spelling and vocabulary words. The program automatically generates words from the 150,000-word data base. The system remembers which words the student needs help with. If he gets it correct the first time, he never sees it again in the list; if he misspells it, he will get that word multiple times until he can consistently spell it correctly. The program uses various means to help with the words: audibly pronunciations, pictures, definitions, and examples.  

My three middle kiddos (ages 9, 7, 5) have been the ones using K5 Learning. Since it is simply a supplemental program and not a full curriculum, I've allowed them to determine how many lessons they complete each day. The 9-year-old, who does not really prefer this learning style, does 1 lesson each day, while her 7-year-old brother does 2 lessons. My 5-year-old loves using the computer for learning games and often sits and does many lessons. They can click the red stop button when the lesson is completed or the green go button to move to another.

When they each login, they can choose which section they want to practice. There is also a new feature on the page that gives options for accompanying worksheets for the student that correspond to the lessons that are being reviewed. You simply click on the link and print the page. My kids' favorite part of the dashboard is the daily riddle. They always try to guess it before clicking on the answer button. It's a fun way to get the kids thinking before starting the lessons.

As a parent, I can login into my dashboard to see how the kids are doing and what they are working on. I can create assignments, add specific spelling words, set up assessments, change levels, and view reports for each individual child.

K5 Learning can help your child with math and reading enrichment. Though the program can be used mostly without any interaction from the parent, you still can oversee it and alter it to better suit you and your children individually.

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