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The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

We go through a lot of books around here, so we're always pleased to review new titles. This time, WorthyKids/Ideals was kind enough to send us the first 2 books in a brand new series called The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

WorthyKids/Ideals is a Christian publishing company in Tennessee. Their mission is "helping people experience the heart of God," and they do that by partnering with authors whose content are characterized by talent, creativity, and compelling ideas. They create colorful, interactive books for children, but their other lines include products for adult too, like journals, devotionals, inspirational books, and much more.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls was written by Mike (M. J.) Thomas. When he couldn't find any books to teach his son about the Bible in a fun and imaginative way, he decided to create his own series. The books combine biblical accuracy with adventure and imagination. The main characters are named after his son, his niece, and his dog.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning (Book #1)
Peter and Mary's parents left for a month-long trip to Africa, so the children and their dog are staying with their Great Uncle Solomon in his huge house. The kids were apprehensive, because they barely knew their elderly uncle whose house was filled with old, dusty things. Their interest was piqued when they learned that he was an archaeologist who had a secret--he had found several ancient Hidden Scrolls. It wasn't long before a lion roared, they found a hidden room in the library, and the seal on a scroll was broken. Immediately, Peter and Mary were transported back in time to Creation.

The siblings were floating in total darkness. As time passed, they witnessed each day of Creation. They're there when light was made, when trees and fruits were created, when the stars were formed. In order to get back to their Uncle in the present day, they had to solve the secret in the scroll in 7 days. They experienced much as they worked to figured it out. They were rescued by the angel Michael, swam with dolphins, rode a rhino, lost the scroll to a monkey, were almost killed by the Snake, witnessed a big fight, and watched as the first man and woman were created. Peter and Mary solved the secret just in time and returned to the library. There, their uncle read the Creation story from his big, red Bible. They finished the story and learned it wasn't really the end, but just the beginning. They would have to wait to learn the next part of the story.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Race to the Ark (Book #2)
Peter, Mary, and Hank go on another exciting adventure in Race to the Ark. As soon as they heard the lion roar, Great-Uncle Solomon tossed a few supplies in a bag and watched them run off to solve another secret of the scroll. The trio is teleported to an ancient city.

When they discover that there was no food in their bag, they went in search of provisions. They quickly learned that the people there "lie, cheat, and steal" to live. Sin filled their hearts. The kids were attacked by a couple of bullies and their wolf. They were able to escape with the help of the angel Michael once again. After spending the night in the woods, they followed thousands of animals prints, leading them to a giant ark. There, they met and befriended Noah and his family. The kids helped with the work of getting the animals in cages, cleaning, gathering, and preparing for the Flood. The kids were kidnapped by the Dark Ruler, trapped in a dungeon, and watched a battle between good and evil. Just when all hope was lost, they figured out the sixth word and solved the secret of the scroll. They learned that "even when you think you're alone, God is with you."

My daughter (9 yr) grabbed book #1 as soon as it arrived in the mail. She devoured it and book #2 that same day. She liked them so much that she enjoyed hearing them again as we used them as family read-alouds. Leighton read the kiddos the first book, and I read the second. They're cute little stories, just over 100 pages, perfect for ages 6-9, and a quick read. They are fiction books, for sure, but filled with much biblical truth. The characters are likable and funny. We liked these so much that the kids want to know when more books will be added to the series.

Here's what the kids had to say:

I like how they traveled back through time and learned about the Bible.

I like how they had to figure out the secret scrolls.

I like how they were kinda like spies and couldn't tell anyone they were from the future.

If you're looking for adventured-filled stories that teach your little ones about the Bible, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls is a great series to have.

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