Friday, October 6, 2017

Things That Make Me Smile 10/6/17

Jake (11 1/2), Alyssa (9 1/2), Zac (7 1/2), Tyler (5), Nicholas (2 1/2)

Happy Friday! This week Jake started an online engineering program for kids, Alyssa had a pretty big accomplishment (#8), and I've had some ups and downs with my ankle injury. Did you Smile this week? 

1. Jake, because I knew what he was getting ready to do: "What! I think she just knows how to read minds."
Tyler: "I think it's because she's a mom."

2. Zac: "Lions are called the king of the jungle, but how come every picture I see of them they're not in the jungle?"

3. Tyler picked a bouquet of flowers for me.

4. Zac: "I itched it."
Jake: "You scratched it."
A minute later . . .
Zac: ". . . when I itched it."
Jake: "Scratched!"
Me: "You know, there are even adults who say that."
Jake, making a funny face and twitching his eye: "I'd better not marry someone who says that. I mean, if she says it, it's going to bother me; but if I tell her, it's going to bother her! Let's just hope for the best."

5. This scene.

6. Zac, excited: "Mom! Can we go to Australia and get a blue-tongued lizard? They say they're easy to handle."

7. Tyler: "Mama, I love you infinity . . . even when you're mad at me."

8. Alyssa read The Fellowship of the Ring.

9. Jake: "Nicky, do you want to go take a nap?"
Nicholas: "Noooooo!"
Jake: "Wow, it's not like I asked if you want to drink poison or something . . . but do you want to drink poison?"
Me: "Jacob!"
Jake, laughing: "Ok, how about sleeping powder?"

10. The handle of a laundry basket cracked, so Nicholas put a piece of tape on it to "make it feel better."

11. Tyler: "Daddy, I have a joke for you."
Leighton: "Ok."
Tyler: "Knock, knock."
Leighton: "Who's there?"
Tyler: "Who?"
Leighton: "Who who?"
Tyler: "Who let an owl in this house?"

12. Jake: "I don't have any hair on my chest. Can I get a chest toupee?"

13. Nicholas had a few small marshmallows for a snack. Leighton put the bag away in the pantry, but a few minutes later, Nicholas was walking through the kitchen trying to open the bag.
Me: "No, you already had enough."
Nicholas, innocently: "I just lookin' at 'em."

What made you Smile this week?

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  1. I love them all, hard to choose a favorite. :)

  2. I may not always, comment about your blog but your family makes us smile also