Sunday, May 20, 2018

Things That Make Me Smile 4/20/18

Jake (12), Alyssa (10), Zac (8), Tyler (6), Nicholas (3)

Happy Weekend! Do you have a Smile to share with us this week? Share your funny quote, special memory, or happy event below so we can Smile with you!

1. Tyler, holding fresh laundry: "Mmm, this smells warm."

2. Nicholas: "Don't sit on dat!"
Zac: "Who said?"
Nicholas: "Nobody!"

3. Nicholas, because the older kids like to look on Lego's website: "I want to look at Duplo .com."

4. My Dad: "What's your name?"
Nicholas: "Nicholas."
My Dad: "Oh. I like you."
Nicholas. "Yep."

5. Tyler: "Nobody can beat you at making stuff, Mom. Well, except two people: God and Jesus."


7. Zac: "Guess what! I just reached the oven timer to shut it off--without a step stool!"
Me: "Whoa! Who said you could get that tall?"
Zac: "Me."
Me, teasing, giving him the evil eye: "Hmm . . ."
Zac: "God! God, God. You can't mess with God."

8. Tyler, drinking ice water: "The ice cubes are going to get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and then they're going to be a myth!"

9. Nicholas, because Tyler knocked him down: "Tyler, stop falling me down!"

10. Zac: "Is this a softball?"
Me: "It is a soft ball, but not a softball."
Zac: "Well then, what is it?"
Me: "Do you know what a softball is?"
Zac: "uh, no?"
Me: "It's a big, hard baseball."
Zac: "What! Then why is it called a softball?!"

What made you Smile this week?

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