Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ode to Our Table

Leighton just recently finished building a new dining room table and benches that he designed for us. Our old table had seen better days, but I was thankful for it, for many reasons. I thought I'd write a poem in honor of it. Yes, it's meant to be silly, but this poem tells a story about our lives. It also reminds us to be thankful for what we have, even when it doesn't always match up to what we want.

Ode to Our Table

You came to us so long ago, 
When we had a need.
Your $50 price tag 
Was perfect, we agreed.

Your oblong shape filled the space
With no room to spare.
It was a tight fit and way too big,
But we just didn't care.

Over time our family grew
And then the chairs were filled.
We added one and then two,
And we around you spilled.

Your legs were sturdy, top was strong
As little ones abused you.
Science projects, arts and crafts--
We lovingly used you.

Your finish has been scratched and chipped;
Your top splattered with paint.
For all that we've put you through,
You really are a saint.

Our favorite memories took place 
With you by our side.
We've shared our days and discussed our dreams.
We've laughed and we've cried.

But time goes on and people grow.
Now our needs have changed.
Your bulky structure no longer fits.
Please don't think it's strange. 

Oh, Table, we thank you,
For all your years of service.
Another family has need of you.
Please don't be nervous.

We'll always have our memories
And our pictures, too,
To remind us of your faithfulness.
Oh, Table, we thank you.

P.S. That table has already been picked up by an elderly gentleman who refinishes furniture. He's going to fix it up, re-stain it, and bring new life to it. I see that table blessing another family for many years. If it could come alive, oh, what memories it would have.

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