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The Hidden Message

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I admit, this is not a review I would have been excited about when I was in high school or even college. Sadly, I was not interested in learning facts about people or events that did not currently affect me. As I've gotten older though, and especially once I started homeschooling my own children, historical learning has drawn me. I now appreciate the importance of our past and the connection it has with our future. 

I was intrigued as soon as I read about The Hidden Message of the Great Seal. This book from The Hidden Message, LLC and written by Michael Kanis is a wealth of information as it deciphers the symbols of our national seal. If you consider yourself a patriot or a history buff or if you've wondered why certain symbols were used throughout the course of history, you need to keep reading.

The Hidden Message of the Great Seal: How Foundational Truth from the Dawn of Liberty May Rescue a Republic in Peril takes the reader on a historical journey. It starts during a pivotal time when the desire for a seal was first declared; it pulls facts from all time periods prior starting with Genesis and "In the beginning;" and it gives a challenge for those in the present day as they prepare for a future worthy of our great nation's past. 

The founders of our country endowed the seal "with vital truth for the preservation of the Republic." Kanis made it his mission to learn those truths while on a trip with his son to Philadelphia. A visit to Valley Forge, a dollar bill, and an explanation from an educated friend sparked a longing for understanding.

The book works through the national seal piece by piece to gain a deep understanding of every aspect. It explains about the lives and characteristics of the people that influenced the components, both deliberately and unintentionally. Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin. John Adams. Charles Thomson. Francis Hopkinson. John Knox. William Barton. John Bradshaw.

The book explains so many interesting facts:

  • Why the seal represents the American people
  • About the slight difference between the original seal and the version on the one dollar bill
  • How the story travels around the world from America to England to Italy to Israel to the Netherlands and more
  • How God's covenant with Abraham is reflected in the design of the seal
  • Shows multiple designs options of the seal all with a consistent message and similar symbols
  • Teaches about the mottos, phrases, symbols, metaphors, colors chosen specifically for their meanings
  • Touches on biblical numerology and how it's reflected in the design
  • That the founding fathers built this nation on a belief and trust in God and His Word

Congress adopted our national seal on June 20, 1782. Though hundreds of years have passed, the author claims to have arrived at an understanding of the seal which has not been communicated or understood from that day until now. That is a bold statement, but since I have not spent countless hours in deep study of the topic, I cannot claim that I know enough to either refute or agree with him. I will say that the information presented is fascinating and well-researched.

Kanis sought to be conservative in his analysis, thoroughly testing and understanding the meanings of the allegories of each symbols without adding his own connotations to the seal.

The book is paperback and approximately 12" x 9" with more than 250 pages and endnotes. It is filled with pictures, images, charts, and quotes that beautifully bring the past to life. The topic is deep, and the writing is evidence of that. This is better suited for a high school course in American history or government or for adult reading. While I often read higher level books to my little ones, I chose to read this one alone, soaking up the information as I delved deeper into the allegorical meanings. 

The book itself is awkward to hold because of its size, so much so that I found myself not as willing to pick it up to read as I otherwise would. Also, the bottom corner arrived bent and creased throughout the entire book because it was shipped in only a packing envelope. A hardcover may help with both of those issues. 

I found the information fascinating and am looking forward to learning more about our National Seal and all that it represents.

If you are interested in understanding the symbols chosen by our forefathers, you can currently purchase The Hidden Message of the Great Seal for half price with coupon code HOMESCHOOL. May we continue to uphold the morals and freedoms paid for when our seal was created.

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The Hidden Message of the Great Seal {The Hidden Message, LLC Reviews}
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