Sunday, April 25, 2010

Making Bird Feeders

The first warm day we had this year we went for a walk. I made sure to grab two pine cones to make bird feeders. We just got around to doing it. Don’t want to rush into anything, ya know!   

The two older kids and I gathered our supplies (two pine cones, two spreaders, string, scissors, a bowl of peanut butter, and a bowl of birdseed) and headed outside. Jacob instantly started smothering his pine cone with peanut butter. Alyssa started eating the peanut butter. She eventually got the idea though and joined in on the fun. In no time, we had peanut butter everywhere! Next, they sprinkled on bird seed.  Since Alyssa’s hands were covered in peanut butter, they became covered in bird seed as well. And what do you do when you have peanut butter on your hands? You lick them! She soon  realized that she does not like to eat bird seed!

After tying on the string, we hung the feeders in a tree. It did not take long for them to get eaten. As you can see, it was not the birds that got them! Even though we never saw any birds on them (the squirrels stole them, string and all, by the next morning), we still had fun. Besides, it gives us a reason to make them again!

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