Saturday, October 2, 2010

Theory Thursday: Seeing Stars

Jake and Alyssa love playing with flashlights. They must own ten of them. The problem though is that they don't remember to turn them off when they're done. I'll walk into a room to find an abandoned flashlight shining for no one. 

Once again, they were digging through our stash of batteries trying to find ones that were charged.  For some reason, we can't seem to keep charged batteries around here between three kids, 200 toys requiring batteries, and forgotten flashlights. We were able to find one set of working batteries. They had so much fun with that light, that I was inspired to use it for our science day. We made our own constellations. We used pushpins to make holes in paper cups. I made a smiley face pattern (I'm not very artistic). Jake made a grappling hook for Batman, and Alyssa made herself. At least that's what they told me as they attacked the cups. They had fun stabbing away and listening to the "thoop thoop thoop" sound that it made. Then, we shined the light through the cup to see the "constellations" on the wall. They thought it was pretty cool to see all the tiny holes. Mostly though, they liked playing with little, sharp objects.

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