Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Privilege of Homeschooling

We are 5 months into our homeschooling journey. I was thinking today about our first day of school. It seems so long ago. Sometimes, I still have the same worries: is he learning enough, am I doing a good job, would he excel in a traditional school,  is he missing out on some wonderful experiences, would I have fewer gray hairs if I sent him to school??? Usually though, I only have those thoughts when it's been a bad day - the kids are fighting, Jake's refusing to cooperate, everything is just going wrong. I am so thankful that we've have only a couple of those days.

What I am extremely thankful for is days like today. Jake can read, but he doesn't usually like it. His stubbornness shines through when he sits and pouts and drags the words out, "Sssiiittt. Sit."  just because he'd rather be doing something else. A month ago I asked him to spell flower. He simply said, "F-L, O-W, E-R." If I could just break that stubbornness or change it into zealousness for learning, I'd be happy. I've been praying this week that I could teach him to love reading. Right now it's just a chore. I adore sitting with a book and getting lost in a story. All three children love being read to. I want them all to love reading on their own as well. You can imagine my delight when first thing today he asked if he could read! Then, he wanted to keep reading, whether it was books, flashcards, or directions on his workbook pages. He had a different attitude today. We were "at school" for nearly four hours (twice as much as a normal day.) The three of us had so much fun playing memory, reading flash cards, buying items with M&M money, telling time, coloring, reading animal facts cards and many other things. Jacob is really good about helping Alyssa learn her numbers and letters. 

It's days like today that remind me how very much I love homeschooling. It brings me joy to see the two of them working together and playing and learning. I love when something "clicks" and they understand. I feel honored to be here every step of the way. I thank God for giving me the responsibility of educating my children. I thank God  for the privilege of homeschooling.
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