Monday, March 21, 2011

Alyssa's 3rd Birthday Tea Party

Today is Alyssa's 3rd birthday. Leighton talked about her birth story last year. Maybe one day I'll tell it from my point of view. We celebrated her big day with family over the weekend. Today, we dropped the boys off with Grandma and Papa and had a girls day. We painted nails, did make-up, read lots of Berestain Bear books, put together and colored a fuzzy puzzle, made a bead necklace, made petit fours (though they were more like mini cupcakes), had a tea party, and had entirely too much fun!

Isn't she just the sweetest?

My Little Diva

Already loves make-up.

She was a very good hostess.

She thought it was so exciting to be drinking real lemonade!

Pure joy.

She liked it so much she had 5 cups.

Great hand-eye coordination.

Necklaces by Alyssa $19.95

Photogenic much?

Happy Birthday to my precious daughter!
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  1. What wonderful memories the two of you will have to share. Every mother and daughter should have memories like these. I know I do!