Monday, May 2, 2011

Saving the Situation

We (and when I say we, I mean Leighton) have been working on expanding our garden.  On Saturday, Leighton took Jake with him to buy top soil and garden soil, from two different places no less. They even took Daddy's red truck. If you know Jake, you know how much he loves the color red . . . and his daddy's truck. He doesn't get to ride it in very often. Leighton's little pickup does not hold a 5-person family. It doesn't even hold 3 people comfortably.

Years ago, we needed the truck for something. I was sandwiched between Jake in the car seat and Leighton. And I was very pregnant with Alyssa. My huge belly was in the way every time he needed to shift gears. It was not a good ride. I think that was the last time I was in the Isuzu.

But the kids like riding in the truck. They like the bounciness. They like riding up front and seeing what's happening. They like spending time alone with Daddy. They like going to Home Depot. That's why when Leighton said he was taking Jake to get soil, Alyssa wanted to join them. There are many reasons why she wasn't going with them: it would take time to change over her car seat, it would take longer at both stores with her dragging behind, she had been sick, etc. She cried and cried.

I had a secret weapon though. As soon as they left, I pulled out a little ceramic jewelery/treasure box. She immediately forgot about her tears. Her desire to go with Daddy was replaced by wanting to stay home and paint.

What could have been a stressful situation was saved by something so simple. I love keeping little projects like this for times such as this or when the kids are bored and getting into trouble. A dollar or two is a great price for keeping my sanity!
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