Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Camping Trip 2011

Every year, we go camping on my brother's property with his family and a bunch of friends. It is a blast! It's something that everyone looks forward to. As soon as the last of the snow melts and the buds begin to form on the trees, Jake asks (almost every day!) when we're going camping.

And let me tell you, this is camping, like really camping. No running water . . . no bathroom . . . no shower . . . no refrigerator . . . no lights. It's just us in a tent with a bucket in a pop-up deer blind for a bathroom, melting ice in coolers to keep our food fresh, and baths in the water-filled gravel pit . . . And a bonfire, and stars, and s'mores, and fishing, and swimming, and four-wheeling, and relaxing, and quality time spent together. And laughing, lots of laughing. 


Alyssa caught her very first fish with my brother's help. Jacob caught many, many fish - no help required. Zac had fun playing in the sand, throwing mud, and chasing the dog. We saw many frogs, toads, deer, geese, turkeys, and other wildlife.

I've spared you the 700+ pictures and shared . . . just a few.

Now can you see why we love to go camping???
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