Friday, September 23, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile 9/23/11

1. When we told the kids the big announcement, I made the mistake of teasing Alyssa that if the baby's a boy, we're going to have to hide since we'll be so outnumbered. Oops. Kids take things so literally. Every time the new baby is mentioned, Alyssa says very seriously, "If it's a boy, we're going to hide, right, Mommy?"

2. Jake said, "You never know until you find out."

3. Leighton shot his first deer! Jake wanted to eat it for dinner, but we were going over my brother's so they could butcher it. So he asked, "Then can we eat it for dessert?"

4. Jake had a hand on either side of his head, squeezing it. Why? Because he was "trying to wake up" his brain, of course.

5. The kids have been very helpful in deciding a name for the baby. If it's a boy, Jake has settled on Rocket. Alyssa has chosen Lys for a girl. Although, they're not any worse than the names Leighton and I like to joke about: Dewey Leaf, Daisy Leaf, Ima Leaf, Autumn Leaf . . .

6. We pulled the sections of the couch into the middle of the living room to make a tent. After the kids played for a while, Jake said, "I feel sad for my missing tooth. It's missing out on everything!"

7. Celebrating Alyssa's half-birthday. (post coming soon)

8. Last week I found $31 in a pair of pants I hadn't worn in months. This week, I found another $20. I figure we must be really rich and not know it! I just need to empty all my pockets.

9. Zac is usually very good about giving kisses. I asked him for one, but he told me no. I covered my eyes and pretended to cry. He came right over, very concerned and asked, "What's wrong?" He then ran and got his pillow (his lovey), gave it to me, and then gave me a kiss.
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