Friday, November 11, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile 11/11/11

1. Alyssa and I had a girls' day with my mom. We went to lunch and spent the day shopping. I'm glad we enjoy each others company.

2. Alyssa was sucking on her toes. Zac saw her and took off his socks so he could "eat" his toes too.

3. Listening to my kids laugh with each other. And giggle. And laugh some more.

4. Celebrating Leighton's birthday with a piñata and cake!

5. Alyssa was cutting out circles to glue on a worksheet. She was being very precise and taking her time. Once she started getting frustrated, I told her, "It doesn't have to be perfect. Just do your best." She replied, "But I want it perfect." She is my child.

7. Jake: "When the chicken's done, may I have a leg please?  A chicken leg; not your leg."
Alyssa: "I want the head!"

8. Alyssa said, "I want no hair and to be bald so I can put a pencil behind my ear."

9. Jake put his hand on my belly to feel the baby moving, but I told him the baby was sleeping. Alyssa asked, "Oh, does it have a blanket in your tummy?" Jake answered, "Yeah, it uses a slice of cheese!"

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