Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 2012

Happy Leap Day! It's crazy to think that last time we celebrated a leap year, 2 of my babies were not even born yet. It really puts things into perspective. My, how time flies! (No frog-pun intended.)

Today, we celebrated Leap Day by partaking in frog-themed fun. We completed frog worksheets, read lots of frog books, leaped around the house like frogs (Well, the kids did. My pregnant self would probably have flopped around like a fish out of water instead.), listened to frog audio books, ate a frog lunch (No, not real frogs!), and just had lots of froggy fun. 

ham sandwich, marshmallow eyes with food-safe marker pupils, mini-chocolate chip nose, strawberry mouth; strawberries & carrots

Lots of frog reading!

Next time we celebrate Leap Day, we'll have kids who are 10, 7, 6, and 3. I can't even begin to think about my little ones growing up. Leap Year 2016, please take your timing coming!

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