Monday, February 6, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 2/3/12

I know it's Monday and this should have been posted on Friday, but this has been quite the week. This weekend I was playing catch-up on things that got overlooked in the hustle of bustle of the past few days and didn't get this written. It all started last Saturday with celebrating my birthday. None of us had been feeling well, but we dropped the kids off at my parents' while Leighton and I went to lunch and did a bit of shopping. When we got home, they made my absolutely delicious cake before heading to bed.  Sunday, everyone was feeling worse, so we all stayed home from church (with the exception of Leighton since he has much responsibility at church.)

Monday brought 2 children feeling better, but little Zachy getting much sicker. He maintained a 102.something temp all day long. He would not let me leave his side, even for a moment. We spent the entire day either on the couch or lying in my bed. He slept on and off throughout the day, giving me short respites to care for the other two kids (except when he slept in my arms.) Every time he woke up and realized I was not there, he cried. As the day went on, he refused to drink. Nothing I tried worked. The longer he went with a fever and no liquids, the more concerned I became. He was becoming lethargic. Leighton was working late that day (didn't get home until 9:00 pm), so my mom came over with Pedialyte and Clementine oranges. The oranges were the only thing he would eat that morning, and we ran out. She got to our house, and he refused both. I eventually found a baby bottle, and we squirted water into his mouth. He screamed. I held him. My mom squirted more water. And the scene repeated itself. It was not fun, but it worked. I made him sit in the bathtub for 5 minutes? 10? I don't know, but he cried the whole time. It brought his fever down enough that he stopped telling us "no" about everything we asked. He gobbled up a popsicle and even smiled and talked a little bit before heading to bed. 

Tuesday, Zac had a low-grade fever and was still coughing. I packed up the kids and took them all to my dad's office to get adjusted. (It's really helpful to be related to a chiropractor!) The day was better, but he still wanted a lot of cuddles. The other 2 started acting up, looking for attention. Also, our refrigerator decided that it was a good time to break. The fridge was getting warm, and the freezer way too cold. Leighton worked 12+ hours and came home just to spend the evening fixing it. And he never once complained. I am very blessed to be married to such a hard-working man.

Wednesday, Jake and Alyssa were about back to being 100% again, but Zac was still a little sick and cranky. He slept for 5 hours, waking up crying and falling back asleep when I'd go to him. This day, our kitchen sink figured it was time to act up. The water refused to drain, backing both side of the sink 3/4 full. Wednesday's are always rushed after Leighton gets off work, trying to shower, dress, and eat in such a short time. Add in plunging a stubborn drain, and you've got yourself a hectic situation. Zac and I stayed home from church again.

Thursday, Zac was feeling much better! He was still having meltdowns - he didn't like the underwear I chose for him, he didn't like where I squirted his ketchup on the plate, he didn't like his siblings looking and especially not touching him - stuff like that. It's very, very unusual for him to act like that. He's a very happy-go-lucky, always smiling, always laughing and playing kind of boy. All I could do was love on him and be patient with him while he was still recuperating. And believe it or not, nothing in the house broke or needed Leighton's attention when he got home! Well, except for his family, the attention part anyway. He and the kids wrestled after dinner while I cleaned the kitchen. It was nice seeing Zac playing and laughing (and being rough!) again.

And that brings us to Friday, when this should have been posted. We went to my parents' house as usual. Zac was feeling much, much better. He was wild and crazy and loud! It was pure bliss to see him acting like himself again. 

So, now that I've justified why I'm 3 days late in posting {embarrassed smile}, I'll share the few moments I did take time to remember this week . . .  

1. Alyssa, referring to the hardened sugar on top of her crème brûlée: "This is as frozen as a rotten egg!"

2. We were driving one night when it was sprinkling. The windshield wipers made a "tttthhhhpppttt" sound as they swished one time. Zac said, "Van haffa go potty! Van say "scuse me!"

3. I bought $136.51 worth of groceries and toiletries and paid only $28.09. I love Meijer. 
4. The kids got their own Kindle this week. They were ecstatic! Alyssa has used it a little, but it's mostly for Jake right now. The morning after they got it, he ran out of his room as soon as he woke up and asked, "Can I read my Kindle?!" He wants to read so much now. He wants to take it every time we leave the house. It makes this book-loving mama very happy (even if it is digital instead of a tangible copy.)

What made you smile this week???

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