Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Close

I cannot believe that in 6 weeks or so we'll be upgrading from a family of five to a family of SIX! We will have a precious new baby to hold and cuddle, soft baby cheeks to kiss, a sweet little face to gaze into, and more love to share. This pregnancy has gone by the fastest of them all. I'm sure it's because I now have 3 little ones who fill my days with constant busyness.

We're to the point where we need to start gathering the supplies for our homebirth. I received my order from Baby Birth & Beyond a few days ago. So exciting!  I still need to get things together around the house - towels, baby clothes, wash cloths, laundry basket, back-up phone list, etc. There's a lot more preparing for a homebirth, but it's completely worth it.

This is the first pregnancy that I've taken belly pictures. I never wanted to showcase my growing waistline before, but I figured it's now or never. This one was taken last week. When Leighton got home from work yesterday and I went to welcome him, our bellies hit before our lips. He laughed and said, "There's no denying there's a baby in there." Nope, baby and I both are definitely growing. 

The kids are very excited about the New Baby as well. Jake has had a countdown going the past month or two. Since we go to my parents' house every Friday, he'll say, "Only ___ more times going to Grandma's until we get the new baby!" He's also told me that he can't wait to watch the baby come out of my tummy, like it's going to crawl out my bellybutton or something. I can ensure you, he won't be watching.

So, that's where we are on this baby journey. Pretty soon our house will show signs of an itty-bitty one again. We're getting close!

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  1. We can't wait to meet him (or her)!

  2. How exciting!! Praying for a nice, easy birth.

    I took pictures every month with my second daughter and love looking at them. I wish I would've taken more with my first.

  3. Erika, you are beautiful. I didn't know there were mail order home birth kits.

  4. You certainly look radiant...that is a great picture! I never believed my dh when he would tell me how wonderful I looked because I was always too busy thinking about the aches and other discomforts. Enjoy it!

  5. Thank you, everyone! We're so excited!

    Jennifer, my midwife has a birth kit set up on that site. All I had to do was choose her name and order. :)

  6. You look beautiful!! Praying for you in these last few weeks as you await the birth-day!

  7. Baby's are a blessing and I pray this one arrives healthy and safe in God's good time.