Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 3/2/12

1. Jake: "How many hours are in a day?"
Me: "The same number as the other day when you asked."
Jake: "I forgot."
Me: "There are 24 hours in a day."
Jake: "Yeah, and JELLO takes 4 hours."  At least he remembers the important things.

2. Leighton bought me a new washing machine (this one.)  Something about our old one spinning its way across the room, banging the basin into the insides of the washer, and being super loud convinced him that we needed to replace it. You know, little things. Either way, I tried to persuade him that it was still washing our clothes, and I was satisfied with that. He wouldn't listen though. Men. I was very thankful that we had the money for it, got it on sale, received 2 rebates, and even had a coupon! God gave us a quality washer for the price of a mediocre machine.

3. Alyssa: ♫ ♪ "Bubblegum, bubblegum, bubble bubble bubblegum, bubblegum bubblegum (and on and on and on) . . . I just made that song up." ♩ ♫

4. Watching Leighton and Jake make bunk beds for the boys. I love that Jake wants to help his daddy and that his daddy is patient with him and lets him help. Good memories for both of them.

5. Alyssa was telling me the story of Goldilocks & the Three Bears, complete with proper voice inflections and varying pitches. It was hilarious. 

6. The kids like to imagine that there are 2 babies in my belly. I told them that their cousin had a twin. Jake said, "Yeah, but he went to heaven when they were just babies. But is he really in heaven? When did he get saved and how old was he?"

7. Alyssa: "Jake, you pretend you're sick, and I'm the doctor."
Jake: "I don't want to. I want to pretend I got thrown into a wall"

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