Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 3/30/12

This has been an exciting week for sure. I haven't made the official announcement on the blog yet, so I'd better. Our baby was born last Saturday! That came as a surprise for sure, since he (yes, he!) came 4 weeks early. (I'll write up his birth story soon.) That's where I've been the past week. Instead of blogging, I've been caring for a newborn, a very little newborn.  He's had some struggles, but overall, for an early baby, he's doing well.

I never posted a "Things That Make Me Smile" list last week. I was late in getting it up (just like this week) and was planning to finish it on Saturday. But, like I said, my attention was drawn elsewhere. So, here are both weeks combined in 1 long list. Hope you smile!


1. Jake: "I like how big my muscles are."

2. My mom was pointing out the chickadee in the yard. Zac told her, "No, that not chicken. That birdie." 

3. The kids were watching Word World. The theme song says, "Nothing's better than a letter. They hold our world together." Jake replied, "Letters are boring. They just sit there and look at you."

4. Zac, pointing to his lips, commanded me, "You! Kiss Me!"

5. Though Zac has been potty trained for months, he still sleeps in diapers at night. When he woke up, I smelled a less-than-desirable odor. I asked, "Are you stinky?" He replied, "No, I not stinky. That my butt stinky."

6. Me: "Who determines your attitude?
Jake: "The air."
Me: "The air? Am I breathing the same air as you?"
Jake: "Yes."
Me: "How come I don't have a bad attitude?"
Jake: "It just comes to me more differently. It tells me how to behave."

7. Alyssa: "Artichokes - do they actually choke you for real?"

8. The night Tyler (our new baby) was born, Alyssa was cuddling with me on the couch. Suddenly, she said, "Mommy, your tummy is little again!"

9. Leighton has very sensitive skin. If he rests his hand on his neck for even just a few seconds, his neck will turn red and blotchy. Alyssa loves any cheese, but especially colby jack. What do these 2 things have to do with each other? Alyssa told Leighton, "Daddy, your neck looks like cheese!"

10. Zac came to me whining and holding his head because Thomas hit him. Thomas, as in Thomas his toy train.

11. Tyler cooed, and Alyssa said, "That's my favorite baby sound."

12. Alyssa coughed and cleared her throat. Then she told me, "Sometimes when I lose my voice, I have to work really hard to find it."

13. Zac was eating an apple and kept bringing me pieces of the peel. He told me, "I don't like wrapper."

14. I was changing Tyler's diaper and he was less-than-happy. Jake came running into the room and asked, "Why are you making the baby cry???" He's already a little protective.

15. Zac: "Mommy, baby is cwying. You have to hold him."

There were tons more things that made me smile this week, too. Things like the kids constantly running off to check on the baby, Jake telling me 263 times how cute Tyler is, watching all 3 kids kiss him over and over again, my mom coming over this week to help with the kids and housework, my grandparents coming home from their winter in Florida, and so much more. It's been a good week, for sure.

What made you smile this week?
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  1. Some of these made me more than just smile...they made me out and out laugh!!!!

  2. yes, Laugh out loud, thats what I did as well! :-D