Friday, April 13, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 4/13/12

1. Alyssa came running into the house very excited. "Mom! You have to see something AMAZING! There are dandelions growing everywhere in the yard!!! It's so beautiful!!!."

2. Jake: "Why is it called New York? Is it new?"

3. I don't think I've mentioned on here before that Leighton was making the boys bunk beds. (I think he may be writing up a post on the process.) He finished and set them up this week and moved Jake's twin bed into Alyssa's room. All 3 kids were so excited! They've  been having fun this week playing that the beds were pirate ships, hanging a blanket over the side and pretending that it was a fort, and reading books up on the top bunk. They may even have done a little sleeping, too.

4. This is the dialogue that took place in the van one evening. I'd say conversation, but as you'll see, there was no time for a response:
Jake: "Why did God make the center of the earth hot? Is hell in the center of the earth? Is God going to send a rock bigger than the earth to smash it and destroy it? I think Jesus is 1000 feet tall. Dad's not even 20 feet tall.  Can we see down into earth from heaven? If so, I want to see what He sees. Can we send letters from heaven to earth? . . . ."

5. While playing with cars -
Alyssa: "Oh, no! It's a truckpasser!"
Jake: "It's not truckpasser. It's trustpasser."
Me: "Actually, it's trespasser."

6. Jake: "Who's the baddest villain on all the Star Wars?
Me: "Hmm, maybe Darth Vader."
Jake: "I think you're right because he even has his own song to let you know he's coming."

7. Zac: "Mommy, where's Daddy?"
Me: "He's changing. What do you need?"
Zac: "I need to kiss him."

8. Tyler started squirming around and making little squeaking noises. Alyssa said, "I think the baby's getting an attitude."

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  1. I love your blog Erika. Last Thursday Chloe and I were driving down the street when a semi that was bob tailing passed us. She said...look mommy that truck doesnt have a body. made me laugh. I thought about you and your kids and all the silly things they say.