Friday, April 20, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 4/20/12

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week. We've been busy, busy. It's finally starting to get warmer again here, yea! We were able to do some yard work and clean up the front flower bed. I haven't even starting on our garden yet though! Jake has started soccer again, so that's takes up a couple evenings a week. Also, because the weather's getting nicer, the construction/demolition work increases and Leighton works crazy hours. Our life is always busy, never stopping, never a dull moment. Life is good.

1. Zac was complaining about something. My dad started pretend crying in response. Zac told him, "You don't whine! I whining."

2. Jake has a little LEGO minifigure that looks like one of the Queen's guards. You know, those guys that stand outside Buckingham palace and have to remain solemn no matter what. Jake was making silly faces and funny sounds at the LEGO guy, pretending to try to get him to smile. It was so, so funny!

3. Zac kissed Tyler on the lips and got a little baby slobber in return. He wiped his nose over and over again. "Ewe! Something ewe on my nose."

4. Zac was cuddling next to me as I was holding Tyler. Alyssa came over to kiss the baby. Zac was not happy about sharing him. "You don't kiss my widdle baby!"

5.Zac asked me to get him something.
Me: "I can't right now. I'm feeding the baby."
Zac: "You need put him 'way!"

6. Alyssa: "My hair tastes like cotton candy when I suck on it . . .  I don't want it to taste like cotton candy. I want it to taste like hair."

7. I was in the basement and called to Leighton, "Hey, Honey?" He and Zac both responded, "What?" I called back, "Big Honey." Jake came running to the stairs, "What?"

8. Alyssa: "I spy something . . . cute!
Me: "Tyler?"
Alyssa: "Yep!"

9. Jake: "What's 10 minus 100?"
Me: "Negative 90"
Jake: "Hehehe. Good one, Mom." 
10. I walked into my room to find Zac standing on the rungs of the crib. He was shaking Tyler's hand and saying, "Nice to meet you."

What made you smile this week?

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  1. Your kids get cuter and cuter every week!!! This is by far my favorite blog to read, especially on Fridays :)

  2. Thank you, Heather! You're so sweet. :)