Friday, April 6, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 4/6/12

Can it really be Friday already??? This week has just flown by. Tyler will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! He's put on a little bit of weight, is finally starting to get a somewhat consistent eating schedule, and is losing some characteristics of an "early baby." I am very pleased with how well he is doing. God is good!

1. Jake counted to 100 by 20s. When I asked how he knew that, he said, "I don't know. I just made it up!"

2. Our April Fool's Day meal.

3. Jake was saying the same phrase over and over again. 
Me: "Jake, I don't want you saying that anymore."
Jake: "Can I just think it in my head and not say it out loud?"
Me: No, because eventually you will. What you think about is what you'll talk about."
Jake: "I just can't stop thinking about it."
Me: "Whenever you can't stop thinking about something you shouldn't, just sing 'Let's talk about Jesus, the King of kings is He, the Lord of lords supreme through all --'"
Jake: "Did you just say 'whipped cream?'"

4. During a science lesson, I asked, "The sun gives us light and what?" (heat) Jake answered, "Vitamin D!"

5. Alyssa asked for a Twizzler's Pull & Peel. Since we had only 1 left, I told her that she and Jake would have to share it (Zac was napping.) I cut the candy in half and gave it to her. She walked over to Jake and asked, "Which one do you want?" Had it been the other way around, he would have measured them and chosen the bigger piece - even if it was only bigger by a smidgen!

6. Alyssa said, "Wanna feel my breath, Mommy? It's hot. That's because I swallowed something hot and it made my breath hot."

7. Zac was picking out a sucker to eat. He grabbed two, so I told him to put one back. He hid one behind his back, showed me the other hand, and said, "I have one!

8. Leighton bought an iPad on Craigslist. He's been wanting one forever, but we just couldn't justify spending the money. Now that we have all our debt paid off, got a good tax return, and found a great deal, he bought one. I didn't really see the point in having one. (I am not the techy one.) We have a laptop, desktop, and an iPod; why did we need one more device? Now that we have it though, and Leighton showed me things we can do with it, I love it! It's been so convenient using it for school this week. Maybe he does know what he's talking about . . .

9. Instead of a lemonade stand this summer, Jake wants to have a science stand where he'll preform experiments for $1.00.

10. I bought the kids chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs. Alyssa ate one and said, "They're even better than scrambled  eggs!"

Have a Happy Easter!

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