Saturday, June 2, 2012

30 for 30

{written by Erika}

I read about this challenge a couple days ago and knew I wanted to join. The plan is to spend 30 minutes every day in the month of June playing with your kids. Oh sure, I spend lots of time every day with my kids between schooling, crafting, cooking, experimenting, reading, talking. My kids are with me constantly. I call them my little ducklings since they follow me from room to room around the house. If I'm not careful though, I fall into the rut of not actually playing with them. I'm in their presence while they're playing, but I'm not partaking in the fun. I'm taking pictures, but I'm not actively involved. I try to justify it because of all that time that I'm with them each day.

You see, it's not that I don't want to play. It's just that I always feel pulled in so many directions. On top of the schooling and raising of the children, I have a household to care for. I have a newborn who requires much attention. There's laundry and cooking and dishes and cleaning - for 6 people. I really need to teach my kids (and hubby!) to clean up after themselves more. Trying to do all the work for a family of 6 with 4 kids ages 6 years and younger keeps me constantly busy. Sure, I could try to ignore the clutter. I could cook from a box or freezer bag. I could buy our cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and various other things instead of making my own. But I'd be unhappy. Instead, I try to juggle it all.

If I'm feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done and notice that I'm not taking the time to play, I'll implement the timer. I'll sit and play LEGOs or cars or babies with the kids for 10 minutes. When the timer beeps, I'll clean or wash dishes or fold laundry for 10 minutes. Then, I go back to playing and so on. It helps me get chores accomplished without neglecting the fun with my children.

This challenge will help me be more aware of the quality of time spent with my precious gifts from God. For the month of June, I vow to play!

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