Friday, June 29, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 6/29/12

I'm back! I've taken a much-needed hiatus this past week. I've been organizing, working on projects, and playing. Of course, we still continued with all out regular weekly stuff, so I've got lots to eventually blog about. In fact, I have over 20 drafts going right now! Lots of ideas, little time. 

But I always make sure to take the time to smile!

1. Alyssa: "Is 29 a real number?"

2. Going geocaching through the "jungle." (forest)

3. Jake walked out of his room all dressed for church. Alyssa saw him and said, "Hey, handsome boy!"


5. Alyssa, while looking at her lip glosses: "I don't ever want to use this one."
Me: "Why not?"
Alyssa: "Because it's so pink and sparkly. It's my favorite."
I find this humorous because I always had that attitude as a child. For instance, if I had a favored candy bar I never wanted to eat it, because once I did, it would be gone and I could never enjoy it again. But if I never ate it, I couldn't enjoy it anyway. It doesn't make sense, but I still do the same things now.  

6. Zac got a boo-boo on his lips and needed me to kiss it all better.  

7. Alyssa: "When can we watch that one movie again?"
Me: "Which movie?"
Alyssa: "The one with the little girl and two boys."
Me: "What little girl and two boys?"
Alyssa: "They were wearing hats . . . and the next time we saw them, they weren't wearing hats."
Me: "What else did they do besides wear hats?"
Alyssa: "They talked."
Oh, that explains it.

8. Zac, while looking at a book: "Look! I'm trying to read!"

9. Jake: "Cookies are better than candy, especially your cookies." 

10. Alyssa, while watching me mop the floor: "You're a good a good mopper. A veeery good mopper." 

What made you smile this week?
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