Friday, July 13, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 7/13/12

Happy Friday! We went geocaching on Monday, spent the day with my grandma on Tuesday, had friends over on Thursday, spent today at my parents' today, and we'll be at my brother's tomorrow. Such a great week full of lots of fun, lots of memories, and lots of smiles.

1. Me, while sitting in a meeting after church: {whisper . . . whisper . . . whisper}
Zac, holding finger to lips: "Shhhhhhh."

2. How to tell when your child is a good reader - when he can hold a book with one hand and fight with his little brother with the other, all while reading fluently.

3. The kids were pretending to be Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda by hanging a spaghetti noodle under their noses. We were all laughing until Zac started making funny noises and wrinkling his nose. He had just taken a drink, so I thought he got juice up his nose. As it turned out, it was his noodle! Leighton held open Zac's nostril and tried to grab the noodle. We watched as it popped out of his nose a bit, got sucked back in, popped out, sucked in, over and over again as Zac laughed. I tried tweezers, but they just broke off bits of the noodle. He kept making a gargling sound because the noodle was so far in his nose and tickling his throat. Finally, he sneezed a few times, sending the noodle out his nose a few inches and shooting noodle-snot right into my hair. Leighton instantly pulled the goopy noodle out. We were all laughing so hard. After all, it's not every day you get a 5-inch noodle up your nose!  

4. Jake: "Mmm! Do I smell banana bread?"
Me: "No, just bananas. We don't have enough to make banana bread."
Zac: "Are you sure about that?"

5. Zac said to me about Tyler, "That's my baby. You can share with me."

6. Alyssa, talking about freshly baked cookies: "They're very, very hot. They need to cool . . . until tomorrow."

7. Jake: "When is baby Tyler going to get his first haircut? . . . Did you see that?!? He made this face {makes silly face.} I think he doesn't know what a haircut is yet."


9 Me, jokingly: "Who's going to clean this messy kitchen?"
Jake: "Mommy!"
Me: "Mommy?"
Zac: "I will help you clean it!"

10. Zac: "Mommy, can I squeeze your face?" {squishes my cheeks together} "Aww, you look like a fishy!"

11. Jake, while learning about the continents: "Europe? That sounds like syrup. Why don't they just change the name to Syrup?"

12. Jake: "Homesick is when you're home for a long time and you really want to leave, but you just can't."

13. Alyssa: "Grandma, when are you gonna have kids?"
My Mom: "I'm all done having kids."
Alyssa: "What happened?!?"

14. Jake, singing Amazing Grace: ". . . saved a ranch, like me. Why did he save a ranch? What kind of ranch? Like a cowboy ranch?"

What made you smile this week???

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