Friday, July 27, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 7/27/12

Hello, everyone! It's been a good week, but tomorrow is a day that has been long awaited for. Leighton and Jake are going to Maker Faire Detroit. Jake has been talking about it since last year's and has had a countdown going for the past 2 weeks at least. Every day he makes sure to tell me how much longer he has to wait. He is such a geek, like his daddy. I know they will have a blast together. The rest of us are heading out to my aunt and uncle's with the entire family for a day of fun. (Leighton and Jake will meet us there eventually.)  Good times.

Here's a quick look at the memories from this past week.

1. Jake: "Is that my compass or Mom's compass?"
Alyssa: "Mine."
Jake: "That's not one of the choices."

2. Jake and Alyssa each had a piece of gum, so naturally, Zac wanted a piece too.
Me: "Chew, chew chew. Don't swallow it. Chew, chew chew."
Zac, seconds later: "I did it!"
Me: "Where is your gum?"
Zac, with mouth wide open: "All gone!"
He was quite proud of himself for chewing so well before swallowing. 

3. Zac: "I want my hair to be wike Daddy's when I'm huger."

4. Jake walked in the kitchen as I was making jam. He made a horrendous face and said, "It smells like burnt dehydrated strawberries." He does not like really strong smells. He is so much like my father.

5. We were at someone's house when Alyssa had to use the bathroom. Concerned, she said, "They have their toilet paper on backwards." She then proceeded to take it off to turn it around. I stopped her and explained that it wasn't our house. As she was drying her hands after washing them, she said, "I wonder when they're going to fix that."

6. Jake: "Do you think climbing up there makes my arms longer? Look at them. I think they're longer."

7. Zac: "Mommy, will you take my shirt off?"
Me: "Sure. Can I have a little kiss first, please?"
{He kisses me. I take off his shirt.}
Zac: "Oh, no! I don't have a little kiss. My shirt took it."
So, I had to kiss him. Again.

8. Me: "Do you have all your toys picked up?"
Alyssa: "I do."
Jake: "That's because you got all your toys taken away." (because she wouldn't put them away)
Alyssa: "Well, that's good."


10. Zac, while climbing up into my lap. "Good morning. I wike you." 

11. Zac: "Mommy, can I play nicely in Alyssa's room? And . . . and . . they're my friends!" {takes off running}
Alyssa: {from the other room} "Zac we don't want ghosts in the dollhouse!"
I'm not sure which made me smile more - the random exchange or that he used nicely correctly. 

12. The kids and I went out in the rain to look for bugs for our turtle. We had so much fun finding dozens of roly polies, centipedes, worms, and crickets. The best part was when Alyssa shrieked. Her bootstrap came undone, brushed up against her leg and caused her to think a snake was slithering up her leg. We laughed so hard and then took the bugs inside so the turtle could enjoy its "feast." We still find it fascinating to watch him snatch up the food.

13. Jake, after blowing his nose: "Ewe. I would not want to be a nose."

14. Jake and Alyssa were playing superheroes. They had blanket capes and paper logos taped to their shirts.
Zac: "I'm superhero too!
Jake: "No, you're not."
Me: "That's not nice. He can be a superhero, too."
Jake: "Mom, he's our sidekick. He's just a rookie."

What made you smile this week???
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  1. I LOVE the toilet paper story. You taught her well!!!!!