Sunday, July 22, 2012

Young Photographer

I like to take pictures. Have you ever noticed that?  I can easily snap a hundred or more every day. Pictures help us remember big event in our lives as well as the little everyday occurrences. I used to love scrapbooking (and I have a room full of supplies to prove it.) It's such a creative and beautiful way to cherish those memories for many years. 

Let me tell you a secret though - I haven't created a single scrapbook page in over 5 years. Sure, I had good intentions, but I'd think about how much catching up I had to do and would feel overwhelmed. Time went on, we had more kids, and scrapbooking went from a hobby that was placed on the back burner to one that was completely taken off the stove.

Then, Leighton mentioned starting a blog. I shrugged it off. He brought it up again. I said, no way. He made comments on and off for many months before I finally caved. And I am so glad I did. This blog has become my online memory log, my digital scrapbook, my gift to my children. Now I'm using those pictures we take and organizing them and preserving them to be enjoyed for years to come. That's why most of our posts are full of many pictures.

Just like my love of taking pictures came from my mom, my kids are learning to realize their importance from me as well. Whatever they want to remember, we capture with our camera. What they view as special is not always what I would choose. Kids have a way of looking at the world and finding beauty in the simple things. They'll ask me to take a picture of a Lego creation or a block tower. We'll snap a pic of a funny-looking bug or 2 cherries fused together. They've learned that we can photograph anything.

A couple months ago, we let Jake use our camera, snapping pictures at will all around our house. It was fun seeing which things he found worthy of remembering.

brother and sister

fish tank

Zac's pillow

boo-boo ice pack

baby brother

Lego bin

his favorite bear

picture on our wall

science experiment

Lego steak (with marbling), fork, knife, and hamburger

We have another generation to carry on the love of pictures in our family.

We'd better get a bigger hard drive.

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  1. That's how I came about to blogging too. It's been such a blessing of memories for our family. Even if nobody else ever reads it.

    1. That's wonderful! "Even if nobody else ever reads it." - I do have to remind myself of that sometimes.

  2. I haven't scrapbooked in years either. Love the pictures your son took - my daughter likes to take pictures too, and when she was little, she took multiple pictures of the cat and of her own feet. I still don't know why she found her feet so photo-worthy! LOL

    LOVE the Lego steak - that is awesome!

    1. Maybe she's going to be a podiatrist! :)

  3. I am right there with you my scrapbook supplies have now become school supplies lol. I have found a new love for digital scrapbooking to use the hundreds of pictures I take every week as well. Our 4 year old loves taking pictures right now, and will use the camera to take pictures of his work to! I am a new follower! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    Mama Of Many Blessings

    1. Yes, our supplies are used for school too. Better than just taking up space. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love the teddy bear picture!