Sunday, September 30, 2012

D is for DIY

I'm blogging through the alphabet again. Or still. Or something. Did you know that if you miss a week, everyone else just keeps going. Can you believe it? I thought about removing the letters B and C from my alphabet and explain that that's the reason why I missed blogging about those two, but somehow I'd have a hard time even writing that. I mean, logging through the alphaet?  Things ould e kinda onfusing and it ould e hard to omprehend exatly what was eing said. Do you onur?

Maybe I should just admit that good intentions don't write posts. People write posts. And that brings us to the letter D.

D is for Do It Yourself. We are big DIYers here. Not only does doing things yourself save so much money, but it's fun too. Both Leighton and I enjoy DIY projects. Our lists are very different though. 

I love homemaking. I make most of our food from scratch (including sauces, breads, desserts, canning, etc.) I make my own baby wipes. I make my own laundry detergent. (I need to post the recipe I've been using. It's even better on stains than my previous homemade detergent.) I make my own household cleaners. I do the schooling. The next two things on my list that I really want to make myself are sunscreen and deodorant. You can check out more of my future projects on my DIY board on Pinterest.

My DIY things are more every day things that save us money on a regular basis, whereas Leighton's projects are more once-in-a-while things that save us tons of money at a time. I said that I love homemaking. He loves homekeeping. He takes care of all the repairs around the house (plumbing, washer/dryer, freezer, electrical, oven.) He completes all our cosmetic work (painting, installing cabinets, remodeling.) He crafts all the woodworking (bunk beds, book cases/shelves, doll house, play set.) He performs all our outside work (demoing things in our yard from previous owners, adding concrete, tree removal.) He does all the work on our vehicles (oil changes, all repairs/replacements, tire rotation.) He fixes absolutely anything that is broken. He is my handyman. And he can do it all.

Why pay someone else to do things that you can do yourself? We are DIYers. And we love it.

Head on over to Ben and Me to read about more D words. And now that I'm done, I'd better start on letter E's post. I'd rally hat to rmov it from th alphabt too. It would b vn hardr to rad. S what I man???

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