Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day of School 2012

We started a new school year this week! I've said before that we don't really stop schooling during the summer, but it's always fun to celebrate. Besides, it gives me a chance to take more pictures!

All the neighborhood kids made their way down the street to the school for their first day by the time our kids sleepily walked out of their rooms. We did not have the typical celebratory breakfast that we always have. Instead of pancakes, we made waffles and homemade maple syrup. The rest of the day pretty much matched the day before. A bit of math. A bit of writing. A bit of computer work. A lot of reading. And a lot of fun. I had a special present wrapped up for them when all their work was done. They rushed through it all and ripped open the package. Inside, they found a small M-Gears kit . They were ecstatic!  They immediately started putting pieces together. Of course, Jake was very systematic in his building, but Zac kept taking all the matching pieces. Let's just say, Jake was . . . less-than-happy about it. All three kids played with the gears - with a few disagreements here and there - for days. I think it would be beneficial for us to buy more gears. Not only are they great for teaching problem solving, but another set would help solve our problem of not having enough for all the kids.

Speaking of problems, have you ever tried to get a picture of 4 kids? A nice picture. One where they're all looking at the camera and smiling. And cooperating. It's not easy, is it?

Here is their "this is a typical picture of the 4 of us" picture.

 Here is their "we're so excited for the first day of school!!!!!" picture.

And after nearly 30 pictures, here is their "this is the best you're gonna get" picture.

Do you remember the first day of school last year? I explained all about the confusing signs. You would think that since I had made it difficult with Alyssa's sign, that I would have thought through Zac's school label more. But no. Since last year was his first day of pre-precshool, and technically since he's 2, he's still in pre-preschool. This year would be his second first day. See what I mean about confusing?

I was prepared for Tyler though. He's in baby school. The 5 month old is in school? Oh yes, trust me, he'll be learning lots this year: how to crawl, how to talk, how to eat solid food, how to walk, how to blow raspberries, how to roll a ball. Lots of learning in baby school.

Jake's grade is another easy one. He's 6 and in second grade. I don't know if I've ever clarified this before, but his birthday and the Michigan school cut-off date is the same, December 1. We could choose to start him when he was 4 or wait another year. He was completely ready though - both academically and socially - even if we had sent him to a traditional brick school.

Alyssa is 4 and it was her third first day of preschool. *sigh* Next year will make so much more sense. You know, because having properly labeled school signs is so very important.

Happy 2012 School Year! Here's hoping for an even more profitable year. More learning. More activities. More memories. More fun.

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