Friday, September 14, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 9/14/12

Happy Friday! I am so excited about fall coming. It's my favorite season of the year and my favorite baking season as well. Apples. Pumpkins. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. Cardamom. Doughnuts. Cider. Hot chocolate. Aaaah, fall. I smile just thinking about it!

Here are many more smiles from this week.

1. Alyssa, dreamily: "I fell in love with Tyler." 

2. Jake: "In hopscotch, what if somebody throws their stone passed 10?" 

3. Alyssa, while making beaded necklaces: "It's ok if you make it pretty. I love pretty." 

4. Alyssa, while praying: ". . . the end." 
Jake: "You mean amen."
Alyssa: "Right. Amen."

5. Alyssa, yelling: "Zac! Give it back!"
Zac: {runs away}
Me: "Zac, did you take that from her?"
Zac: "No."
Me: "Look at me."
Zac: {looks at my arm}
Me: "No, look at my eyes. Did you take that from her?"
Zac: "Uh . . . nnn . . . ummm. Yes."

6. Alyssa: "If ever I have a baby, I'm going to name it Moses."

7. Celebrating National Chocolate Milkshake Day.  

8. Jake, after listening to a description in a book: "Ok, I pictured it. In black and white, too. I can also do it in movie and cartoon."
9. Alyssa: "I love Tyler the most. And Jesus. I love them both the most."

10. Jake: "Mom, your breadsticks are better than the restaurants'. And I mean it."

11. Alyssa: "Tyler said thank you in real talk!" 

12. Zac: "May I have more cheese?"
Me: "More cheese?"
Zac: "Yes. I have the power to eat a lot. And to be the fasterest."

13. Me: "Why is Alyssa emptying the dishwasher?" (Jake's chore)
Jake, smirking: "I dared her."

It's ok. She got him back. She dared him to "wear girl clothes." He went and put on one of her fancy dresses. No, I did not include a picture here because I know he would never forgive me when he's older. 

14. Helpers.

15. Celebrating Scooby-Doo's birthday

16. Jake: "One is not very many, and zero is even less."

17. While talking about fairy tales with the kids . . .
Me: "Daddy's my prince."
Jake: "Daddy is not a prince."
Me: "Why not?"
Jake: "He doesn't have royal blood."
Me: "Hmm, if he's not my prince, then what is he?"
Jake: "He's just 1 piece of your heart. You need to find 4 more people to love and your heart will be full."

What made you smile this week???

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  1. My baby is starting to say "thank you" in real talk, too.
    How precious to count those among their first words, eh? :)
    Blessings on your sweet family!

    1. Aw, how fun! My baby is only 5 months, so I'm pretty sure he wasn't really saying it. ;) It was a sweet exchange of coos though. :)