Friday, September 7, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 9/7/12

Happy Friday! This week, I finished unpacking, caught up on laundry, and got the house back in order after our trips. The only thing I didn't accomplish on my list was catching up on the blog. Do you think my family would notice if I locked myself in a room and typed up posts all day long? Hmm, there's an idea. Although, it would take me a week to reclaim the house after the little monsters had free reign. Such a vicious cycle. Oh well, one day when my kids are grown and no one is around to dirty dishes and fill laundry baskets and scatter toys and drop crumbs and disorganize everything, that's when I'll have plenty of time to blog. There only problem with that is then I'll have nothing to blog about! I am so thankful for this full, busy, super blessed life that I live.

1. Zac, to Leighton: "Are you pretty?"

2. Zac, after getting out of the bathtub with wrinkly fingers: "I don't wike dese fingers. I want new fingers."

3. Alyssa: "I know everything about getting married."
Me: "You do? Can you tell me about it?"
Alyssa: "You have to wear a white dress. And you have to have flowers. And you need someone to marry. And you need music . . . Oh, and you need a wedding hat! I forgot about that."

4. Zac, waking up in the morning: "Oh, man, it's not dark. I want it be dark so Pillow can go sleep wif me."

5. Alyssa, to me: "You are the best nail painter in the world."

6. Watching Zac sitting on the potty and making his pointer fingers talk to each other.

7. Alyssa and I were playing restaurant one morning before anyone else was awake.
Me: "I'd like eggs, bacon, and toast, please."
Alyssa: "We don't have eggs. Or bacon. But we have toast!"
Me, feigned disappointment: "That would be fine."
Alyssa: "What would you like to drink?"
Me: "Coffee."
Alyssa, smiling, pointing to my coffee mug: "You already have coffee."
Me: "But this is almost gone. May I have some more, please?"
Alyssa: "Ok." {leans in and whispers} "But it's just pretend . . . Oh, do you want your toast toasted?"

8. Zac, waking up in the morning: "Whoa, wook at my crazy hair!"

9. Zac: "Mommy, you're the fasterest." 

10. Finding Jake and Zac giving Alyssa a full makeover. (Post coming soon.) 

11. Zac: "When I close my eyes, I see people. They're in my eyeballs. They're walking around in my eyeballs."
Leighton: "They're in your dreams."
Zac: "Yeah, but they're walking around in my eyeballs."

What made you smile this week?
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