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Things That Make Me Smile 10/19/12

Happy Weekend! I can't believe I never posted what made me smile last week. Since I first started this weekly wrap-up a year-and-a-half ago, I've missed only one or two weeks. It has become such a special aspect of the blog. Things have been busy around here lately, even more so than usual. We seem to have extra projects and such that we are working on. Unfortunately, when things get too busy to handle it all, the blog is the first thing that gets sets aside. My family must come first.

So, here's two-week's worth of good memories. I hope it brings a smile to your face. 

1. Zac: "Tyler bless you-ed in my face."

2. Alyssa, wearing big fuzzy earmuffs in the house: "I'm wearing these just in case Tyler cries a lot."

3. Zac, singing a made-up song: "If you get in the water, you get wet. If you don't get in the water, you can't get wet."

4. Zac: "Can you take your scarecrow and put him downstairs so we don't see him?"
Me: "But he's my friend."
Zac: "He can be your friend downstairs." 

5. The boys were rough-housing. Zac accidentally kicked Jake in the mouth, knocking his already-loose tooth even looser. Jake was very excited and started wiggling it incessantly. He pulled it out and  decided that he wanted to put a video camera in his room that night to catch the Tooth Fairy in action. He is obsessed with trying to figure out how she (or he) gets in his room and leaves the money. That night, I got an envelope from the basement to put his tooth in. As I got back upstairs, I realized that the envelope was already sealed. Instead of going back down to get another one from the box, I found an envelope upstairs. That one was sealed also, but just the middle. I thought it was strange, but after the other one being completely sealed, I just ignored it. I undid the seal, placed the money inside, and sealed it again. When he opened the envelope the next morning, he found the money along with another tooth! The envelope I used was actually the one he hid under his pillow the very first time he lost a tooth! Oops. I explained that the Tooth Fairy must have dropped another child's tooth as she was making the exchange! He didn't really question it, thankfully.

6. Zac, running into the bathroom and slipping on the floor: "It must be National Slipper Day!"

7. Jake won a special contest in Sunday School and got to go with his class to the park between the morning and evening services. Since it was such a short time before we needed to pick him up again and it was pointless to go home while waiting, we went to McDonald's for lunch. We rarely eat out. Alyssa, not being familiar with Ronald McDonald, pointed to his picture and said, "Look, it's Joker!"

8. Me: "Are you sure you're done? I can't take you potty every 5 seconds."
Zac: "How about 4 seconds?"

9. Me: "Hello, little one. What are you smiling about?"
Alyssa, sweetly: "Nothing. I'm just smiling about you. "Cause you were smiling at me."

10. Zac, coming into the kitchen: "Mommy, I smell something good!"

11. Zac, stepping on a scale: "Six! Yes! I did it!"
Me: "Good job! {looking at the scale} Twenty-nine."
Zac: "Why twenty-nine?"
Me: "Because that's how much you weigh?"
Zac, pressing on the scale: "Mommy, how do I get it to the top? {talks to scale} You, bully! Go to the top!"

12. Jake, looking at Lego sets: "This set comes with Hansel."
Me: "It's Han Solo."
Jake: "Why is he solo? He has Chewbacca."

What made you smile this week???

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