Monday, November 12, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 11/9/12

Happy . . . Monday? Where did the weekend go? I opened this post 4 or 5 times with good intentions of getting it done. Oh well, everyone needs a few smiles on Mondays, right?

We had quite the week here last week. Zac turned the big 3 and Leighton turned the big 3-0. Two birthdays means two cakes. (Technically, 3 cakes since my SIL makes the kids fancy cakes for their parties.) I made Zac a funfetti cake covered in sprinkles. The recipe is super easy, yet looks and tastes better than any boxed funfetti cake. Leighton's cake was a little more complicated. I made him a 5-layer Neapolitan cake - chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cakes sandwiched with our homemade strawberry-raspberry jam and covered in a strawberry buttercream frosting. In a word, yum. It truly tastes like Neapolitan ice cream. When I get back to posting recipes again, you can be sure both these recipes will be included.

You can also be sure that I won't be making another cake any time soon . . . at least 3 weeks anyway when we have another birthday to celebrate.
Now, since we've waited much too long, let's smile!

1. Zac received a birthday card in the mail. When he opened it up, two bills fell out. He immediately handed one to Alyssa (the larger denomination at that.) When I explained that the money was for him, he said, "But I have two. One for me and one for Lyssa."

2. Me: "Would you like sprinkles in your pancakes"
Alyssa: "I would appreciate that."

3. Jake, to Zac: "You turn 3 today!"
Alyssa, confused: "He doesn't look any taller."

4. We stood in line to vote for 45 minutes. The kids grew a little bored, but behaved perfectly. When we got home, Alyssa said, "When can we do that again? I really like the sticker!" 

5. I heard "Mom! Help!" and found this:

6. Alyssa was helping me do laundry when she slammed my thumb in the dryer door, hard enough to make my vision black and everything blurry. I got a bag of ice and headed to the couch to lie down. Jacob and Alyssa jumped into care-taker mode. They got me 3 pillows, 2 blankets, tons of stuffed animals, ice water, crackers, vitamin C, and a band-aid. They read me stories, turned on music, and acted silly. Alyssa even gently placed her hand on my forehead to check for a fever. They asked every 2 seconds if I needed or wanted anything. This happened a week ago today. My thumb still hurts, but my heart is happy. These little ones of mine are so sweet and loving. I certainly didn't need everything they brought me, but I'm thankful for their servant's hearts.

7. Jake: "How do you say taco in Spanish?"

8. Jake: "How do you draw an eggnog tree?"
Me: "What's an eggnog tree?"
Jake: {thinking} . . . Oak tree! How do you draw an oak tree?"

9. Alyssa, out of the blue: "Isn't Daddy sweet?"

10. Zac, wearing Leighton's shoes: "Look, I'm Mr. Daddy."

11. Alyssa: "I want Tyler to be a girl when he grows up."

What's something that made you smile last week?
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