Sunday, December 16, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 12/14/12

Happy Weekend! Wow, what a week! Our Christmas cantata at church is being performed today in both the morning and evening services. We were at the church practicing nearly every day this week. Between Leighton being the choir director and me overseeing the play portion, we've been extremely busy getting everything in order. All the hard work is paying off though. I am so happy with how well everything went in this morning's production! We'll finally be able to breathe a little after tonight's performance. I have so much work left to do to get ready for Christmas though. Normally, I'm completely done wrapping and everything by now, but I still have a couple more gifts to buy, and . . . I haven't even wrapped a single one yet! Not one!!! As someone who likes things in order (remember Tyler's birth?), it's driving me crazy that there's so much left to do and just over a week to do it all. It's going to be another hectic week for sure, but I'm thankful for the times to smile.

1. Alyssa: "I spy something white and it looks like a 5 and it's outside."
Zac: "Where?"
Alyssa, pointing out the window: "Right there."

2. Jake asked Jesus into his heart over a year ago, but because of multiple reasons, he hadn't been baptized. He was finally able to be this past Sunday.

3. Zac picked up a box of matches I left sitting on the counter.
Me, disapprovingly : "Oh, those are matches."
Zac: "Can I play the matches?"
Me, surprised and slightly humored by the whole 'don't play with matches' reference: "No. What do you need with matches?"
Zac: "I want to match both the same."
Ohhhh, you mean those matches. Silly words with multiple meanings.

4. Jake: "When can you buy toothpaste for me that tastes like meat?"

5. Alyssa: "I spy somebody being loud."

6. Listening to Jake read a story with varying voices for the different characters.

7. Zac, out of the blue: "Do you know what, Mommy? I love you. So much."

8. Zac, holding a toy camera: "Hey, Mommy, say cheese."
Me: "Cheeeeeese."
Zac, looking at the 'picture': "How bootiful!"

9. Jake: "What's a parent's favorite Christmas carol?"
Me: "What?"
Jake: "Silent Night. But I don't know how that's supposed to be a joke."

10. Me: "Who ate something minty?"
Alyssa: "Not me."
Zac: "Not me"
Me, sniffing: "I smell something minty. Who ate something?"
Kids: "Not me."
Me, sniffing Zac's mouth: "You smell minty. What did you eat?"
Zac: "It's chastick."
Me: "Ohhh, you put on chapstick."
Zac: "Yeah, and it didn't taste good when I ate it."

What made you smile this week?

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