Friday, December 7, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 12/7/12

Happy Friday! Are you ready for Christmas yet? We're finishing up our shopping, continuing the decorating, and making a list of all the goodies we're going to make. I just love this time of year! We have some fun crafts planned for the next week or so. And . . . I'm planning to post recipes on Tuesdays again! You won't want to miss next week's. Trust me. It's yummy and impressive.

And it'll make you smile.

1. Jake, about his Lego pirate ship: "Did you see how much detail is on this thing?"

2. Jake: "I think I already said thank you 100 times for my pirate ship. I'll say it again though. Thank you!"

3. Zac walked up to me holding his stomach and groaned in a very whiny voice, "My tummy hurts."
Then he innocently asked, "May I have candy, please?"
There's an argument for candy I'd never heard before. And he almost persuaded me. 

4. Zac: "Mommy, I got hurt on my fumb."

5. Me, reading a book title: "The Ultimate Natural Detox Guide."
Jake: "Mmm, that sounds good."


7. Zac, grumpy: "I'm not crabby. I'm just mad."

8. While playing hide-n-seek . . .
Jake, standing at the top of the stairs: "Hey, are you down there?"
Zac, standing behind the door at the top the stairs: "Yes!" 

9. I was reading the kids The Hobbit and stopped at the part where they find the secret door in Smaug's mountain. Zac took the book off my lap and opened it.
Me: "What happens next? You tell me the story."
Zac: "The dragon comes and eats them all. Nobody can go home. The end."
So much for "happily ever after." My 3-year-old's a realist.

10. I was making breakfast and dropped some food on the floor. Alyssa said, "That's ok. Tyler will get it." The kids think the baby's really a dog.  

11. Jake, telling a story: ". . . and they ride their octopuses . . ."
Me, interrupting: "It's octopi. The plural of octopus is octopi."
Jake: {blank stare} "Octo . . . pi?"
Me: "Yes, it's kinda silly isn't it? Octopus is one, if you have 2 or more it's octopi. Not octopuses. Octopi."

Jake: {blank stare, long pause} ". . . And they ride their octopuses . . ."
 (That's what I was always taught, but after some research today, I discovered that octopuses not only is the preferred spelling, it's also the one deemed correct and octopi is accepted but technically incorrect. Now I'm questioning my whole education. Ha!)

12. Alyssa: "I know how to spell Erika: M - O - M."

What made you smile this week?
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