Monday, February 18, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 2/15/13

Jake 7 yr, Alyssa 4½ yr, Zac 3 yr, Tyler 10 m

Happy Monday! This past week was super busy. Tyler got sick again. After being on the IV antibiotics for 4 weeks, his immune system is down. The poor baby was miserable, way worse than the entire ordeal in the hospital during the month of January. He has not slept much at all, waking up all night long crying. Zac and I also felt pretty poorly. So far, the rest of the family has a lesser case.

During that time, I was preparing for a banquet at church this past Saturday. Each host couple chooses the theme for their own table. Leighton and I picked Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. There's so much I could describe, so I just might write up its own post. Such a fun time!

It was a busy, tiring week, but still one filled with many smiles.

1. Jake, while trying to untangle a Slinky: "Ugh, why aren't these fixable? Somebody should update them." 

2. Zac: "This banana taste like zebra."
Me, chuckling: "Like zebra? Wow."
Zac: "Yeah."
Two minutes later . . .
Me, noticing the banana was speckled: "Oh, it tastes like zebra because of the spots? You mean like a leopard."
Zac: "Yeah!"

3. Alyssa: "You need to pray to get a baby."
Me: "Oh? Is that how it works?"
Alyssa: "Yep. When I'm a mommy and I have 2 babies, I'll be all set. I'm not going to pray for any more. Babies are a lot of work."


5. Alyssa: "My brain won't let me clean my toys up."

6. Jake (7 yrs): "May I be excused, please?"
Me: "But you've only taken 2 bites. Aren't you hungry?"
Jake: "Nah, I just want to do school."
Me: "Who are you???"
Jake: "Jacob."
Me: "Hmmm . . ."
Jake: "I'm the new Jacob. I'm going to try to stay out of trouble."

7. Me: "I'm your favoritest mommy ever!"
Zac: "Mommy, you said that wrong."

8. Zac: "My finger hurts."
I gently held his hand and sweetly kissed his tiny boo-boo.
Zac, looked at his hand, looked back at me, shocked: "It still hurts." 

9. Jake: "Mooom! Alyssa's being mean!"
Me: "Alyssa, what's the problem?"
Alyssa, scowling: "I'm mad because Jake called me fish-face more times than I called him!"

10. Me: "You need to brush your teeth."
Zac, whining: "But I can't do it all."
Me: "Do you think you can just brush the ones that are in your mouth?"
Zac: "Yeah."

11. Zac, about his Blue Pillow: "She's not a girl. She's a boy."

12. Alyssa: "Ooo ooo ooo. I was made for gorilla talk."

13. Zac: "I have 2 boots 'cause I have 2 foots. I'm pretty smart, right?"

14. My dad and Zac were in a room. When Tyler crawled in, Zac said, "Hi, namby pants! Welcome to the man room!"

What made YOU smile this week???

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