Sunday, March 17, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 3/15/13

Happy Weekend! Things have been crazy. Extra crazy. My niece got married yesterday and the 3 older kids were all in the wedding. They were so cute! But that really should go in next week's smile list, but that's why the list is late this week.

Let's see, this week . . . The kids and I made a special day for Leighton last Saturday, just because. The whole family went for a walk one evening since it was a bit warm. I gave the latest update on Tyler. We took the boys for their final tux fitting. (So cute!) We all went to the wedding rehearsal and calmed some of the kids' nerves. And somehow we managed to squeeze some school in, too. It's been a good week. 

1. Me: "Hey, can you do me a favor?"
Zac: "What?"
Me: "Be careful."
Zac, laughing: "What? That's not even a favor."

2. Zac, holding a foam letter h upside down: "Do you want a number 4?"


4. Jake: "Is the new pope a girl? 'Cause Frances is a girl's name."

5. Me: "Are you throwing things over the fence?"
Zac: "No."
Me: "Did you throw Jake's baseball over the fence?"
Zac: "Yes."


7. Zac: "Can we have some of Daddy's cake?!?"
Me: "Yes. It looks like Alyssa is already stealing some frosting off the sides."
Alyssa: "I'm just making it look better."
8. Zac, while going potty: "Look! It's like a super waterfall!"

What made you smile this week?

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