Friday, March 22, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 3/22/13

Happy Friday! What a fun week we've had. We had a great time at my niece's wedding on Saturday. It was a busy, busy weekend and wore the kids right out. Alyssa turned 5 yesterday! She and I spent the day together today, just the 2 of us. It was a week filled with lots of memories . . . and lots of pictures.   

1. Me: "You're such a blonde."
Alyssa: "No, I'm not. I can see fine."
Me: "No, honey. That's blind."

2 Zac: "There's no letter N on my shirt."
Me: "No, but it's kinda hard to tell anyway because the mirror makes everything backwards."
Zac, turns around and looks in the mirror: "There's nothing on my back."

3. Zac, before dinner: "Can I have some cereal, please?"
Me: "No."
Zac, fake crying: "But can I have some cereal, pleeeaase?"
Me: "No."
Zac, sweetly: "How about may I? May I have some cereal, please?"


5. Jake: "May I give a shark a tract so it can come to our church?"

6. Alyssa  always had a hard time with words beginning with S blends. She drops the S altogether. Star becomes tar, stand is tand, stop is top, etc. I've tried having her slow down the S. Ssssssstar. Ssssssstand. Ssssstop. She could do it, but it still wasn't a true blend. Until this last week. It all of a sudden just clicked! She has mastered her S blends, finally!

7. Me, surprised: "Alyssa, your room is a disaster!"
Alyssa: "I know. And thank you!"

8. Zac, counting: ". . . seven, eight, nine, ten, eleventeen."

9. Alyssa: "You have spider power! You can go through spider webs."

10. Me: "It looks like you need a kleenex."
Zac: "Don't worry, I can do this - {wipes nose with sleeve.}"

What made you smile this week???

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