Friday, March 8, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 3/8/13

Jake 7, Alyssa 4½, Zac 3, Tyler 11 m

Happy Friday! Are there ever times when you don't really have anything to say? That's very unusual for me. I can babble and babble about anything - nothing - it doesn't really matter. (No comments from the hubby, please!) This week though, there doesn't seem to be much to report. It's the shortest Smile list I've ever published. Is it because my kids didn't make me smile much? Nope. Either I just didn't time the time to write things down or there were whole conversations that don't translate well in written word. Some "you had to be there" situations.

I started using this curriculum again with both Alyssa and Zac. It's going very well and we're having a lot of fun. I love hearing little Zachy sounding out words. So cute! Jake is averaging about a book a week (usually a Magic Tree House.) He loves the stories, and I love hearing him read. Tyler has been sick again. I just can't get that boy healthy! We've decided to keep him home again - from everywhere - until his immune system is stronger. Poor little baby.

So much for not having much to say, huh???  Oh well, let's smile!

1. Zac, incredulous: "Are you serious-ing me?"

2. Leighton and I were standing in an embrace when Zac walked up.
Zac: "Aaaaww, how cute!"
Me: "What's cute?"
Zac: "You guys!"


4. Jake spilled a cup of cereal on the floor.
Me: "Will you pick that up, please?"
Jake: "Why can't we just leave it for the baby?"

5. Alyssa: "Let's skidaddle! . . . Do you know where I learned that? From Jacob. He says that all the time."
Me: "Really? I've never heard him say that."
Jake {from the other room}: "That's because I haven't."
Alyssa: "Oh. I mean I learned it from a movie, actually."

6. Alyssa: "If you dream in color, then it's real."

What made you smile this week?
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