Friday, April 26, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 4/26/13

Jake (7), Alyssa (5), Zac (3), Tyler (1)

Happy Friday! What a fun week it's been. We had the Grand Prix (pinewood derby) at our church on Saturday. Leighton's going to write up a post about it, but I will say that we had fun and came home with a few trophies! We did a little geocaching this week and spent some time outside playing. And I finally made homemade tortillas like I've been wanting to do! I hope you all had a great week, too. 

1. Zac: "I love you until Jesus comes."

2. Jake: "What's better than strawberries and caramel?"
Me: "Strawberries and chocolate?"
Jake: "Nope."
Me: "Apples and caramel?"
Jake: "Nope."
Me: "Nothing?"
Jake: "No. A kiss from your mom!"

3. Tyler wearing shoes for the first time.

4. Me: "Your hair smells good."
Alyssa, smelling her hair: "Mmm, it smells like it has fresh air in it."

5. Looking at old pictures with the kids and listening to them laugh and giggle.

6. Me: "I think Tyler's getting antsy in his exersaucer."
Zac: "Tyler's getting ants in his exersaucer?!?"

7. Me: "Tomorrow is Papa's birthday."
Jake: "How old is he gonna be?"
Me: "Sixty-eight."
Jake: "Sixty-eight??? Sixty-eight is a huuuuuge number."

8. Playing in the rain.

9. Me: "Finish your breakfast."
Zac: "I don't like eggs."
Me: "Yes, you do!"
Zac: "No, I don't. They're yellow and that's not my favorite color."

10. Alyssa, about the birdhouses Leighton was building with them: "Are we making them out of Legos or wood."

11. Zac: "Every girl loves me. And I love every girl!"

What made you smile this week???

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