Friday, April 5, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 4/5/13

Jake 7yr, Alyssa 5yr, Zac 3yr, Tyler 1yr

Happy Friday! What a great week it's been! Alyssa's birthday party on Saturday, Easter on Sunday, a brand new stove (!) and shopping with my mom on Tuesday, Tyler's birthday party today. We took Tyler to see his doctor on Wednesday and found out that the infection in his left ear is completely gone! The right ear is still being stubborn, so he got some new antibiotic drops. He and I also went to church that night. We're starting to take him out and about again. He hasn't been sick recently and the weather's warming up. Yea! Lots of reasons to smile.

1. Zac: "That smells cold."

2. Jake: "Our room has been so super-duper clean for so long, I can't even remember what it looks like when it's messy."

3. Alyssa: "Mom, Zac jumped on me!"
Zac: "No, it wasn't me. It was Alyssa!"
Me: "Alyssa jumped on herself?"
Zac: "Yes!"

4. Me: "I am not happy that you put a hole in Alyssa's tent."
Zac, whining: "But I love you."
Me: "I love you too, but I'm not very happy with you right now."
Zac, whining: "Oh, I'm so sad that you're not happy."

5. Jake was holding a book with one hand and using his teeth to scratch his other hand.
Me, teasing: "Are you hungry? Should we stop for a snack?"
Zac: "I'm hungry."
Me: "You're always hungry."
Zac: "Yeah."


7. Zac: "That sounds bumpy."

8. Seeing Zac with blue lips from his sucker.

9. Zac, after running around: "I can't feel my brain."

10. Me: "Alyssa, did you put Goldfish on your peanut butter sandwich?"
Alyssa: "Yes."
Me: "Why?"
Alyssa: "Because it's delicious. And crunchy delicious."

11. Jake: "Do we have a tiny, brown fedora?"
Me, laughing: "Do you know what a fedora is?"
Alyssa: "Yes, it's a hat!"

12. Me: "Did anyone notice if our strawberries are starting to come up yet?"
Jake, running to grab his coat: "Strawberries? Let's go check! . . . Wait a minute. Are you just trying to get us to go outside?"

13. Listening to Jake read his western book with a southern twang. 

14. Zac: "Are cows real?"
Me, chuckling: "Yes."
Zac: "What?!? I don't even like cows."

What made you smile this week? Leave a comment below so we can smile with you!

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