Friday, May 31, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 5/31/13

Happy Friday!  We've had such a great week. I know, I say that a lot, but it's true. My brother had a big barbeque on Saturday with lots of food, family, and friends. We enjoyed Memorial Day tearing down our old shed, setting up the new one, and planting the garden. It was such a fun, profitable day. I'm sure Leighton is going to write up a post about it and explain more about how much fun the kids had. (Right, Honey?) We started a new curriculum this week. We are having so much fun with it! (Review coming in a month.) The whole family is heading to my parents' tonight for our annual New Year's Eve dinner. We didn't celebrate the first of the year because that's when Tyler was in the hospital. Trust me, I won't complain about eating lobster, crab legs, shrimp, filet mignon, hasselback potatoes, and Texas rolls tonight.  

1. Zac, after explaining a long process of something: "Isn't I smart?"

2. Zac, while blowing a dandelion that had gone to seed all over the yard: "I wish for a dandelion."

3. Jake, holding a roly-poly: "Aw, he's so cute."


5. Alyssa, after riding to work with daddy in the dump truck: "I missed everyone so much! But I didn't miss Jesus 'cause he was with me the whole time."

6. Me: "Take your empty bowl to the sink, please."
Zac: "Um, no thanks."

7. Jake borrowed a few books from my nephew. He had to read the first chapter of a book on the ride home and then has chosen to read all on his own throughout the week. He informed me that it is favorite book he's ever read! I love that he's enjoying reading and that he enjoys reading quality literature.

8. Zac: "I love Tyler."
Me: "I love Tyler, too. And I love Zachary . . and I love Jacob . . and I love Alyssa. And I love Daddy, too."
Jake: "You love Daddy the most."

9. Zac: "I farted in my pants."
Me: "Uuuumm, thanks for letting me know. Next time, you can keep that to yourself."
Jake, laughing: "You can tell me."
{a minute later}
Zac: "Jake, I farted in my pants again."
Me: "Boys."  

What made you smile this week?

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